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Autumn is wonderfully crisp and breezy, not too cold, but not nearly as mushy as spring either. There’s so much hope and energy for the holidays to come, the seasonal energy buzzes through the air and everything is pumpkin spice perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pumpkin spice junkie but ’tis the season.

Falling during my favorite season is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. There is no stress, no last minute shopping extravaganza for forgotten presents, no guilt over overextending your wallets to accommodate the holiday. In my childlike viewpoint, there is only delicious food and family sitting around the table together enjoying each other’s company.

In reality, Gram is in the kitchen cooking, kicking trespassers and taste-testers out and shouting over the football game in the living room at Pop to carve the turkey. Aunts are corralling cousins with demands to wash their hands and set the table, uncles are setting up extra card tables and folding chairs to accommodate the crowd. Food is being spread along the counter in buffet fashion and everyone is scrambling to get a good spot at the table. It’s pure chaos, but it’s family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love ya, hugs // ♥


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