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Feeling Like Jello, BBG Week 1

So I stuck to all the workouts. For an entire week. Even the Challenge. I’m proud of myself but it takes me back to basketball camp when I was a kid, or Lacrosse tryouts when I was in high school. I distinctly remember saying to my friends and fellow LAX girls, “This is going to kill me, and then they’re going to cut me.” It wasn’t for lack of trying. Just because I wasn’t in shape.

I feel about the same now. I skipped the pre-workouts because I have been going to the gym, albeit sporadically. And I’ve been doing mostly cardio. I know I need the resistance training to build back up muscle mass, but that’s what kills me. The 40-minute LISS and HIIT workouts weren’t too bad this week because I’ve been doing the cardio.

The resistance -> dead. Arms have always been a weak point. I used to be a cheerleader when I was younger and threw girls up into the air. Didn’t have much upper body strength then either. It’s a goal of mine to build that up and tone down my arms. It will certainly be taking some time and dedication.

Legs weren’t too bad, but they weren’t too good either. Those 28-minute sessions are some hard work and will hopefully get easier. But then again, I’ll just sweat more and get stronger.

Abs. I used to be able to do 60 crunches in as many seconds. Now I’m lucky if I can get through half as many. Not that I was at peak performance in high school, but I’ve always been the kid who’s done a sport, ever since I was five. Even younger if you count my short-lived ballet days. Since high school ended, those seasonal sport days are over and boy am I feelin’ it.

With some hard work and dedication, this will turn me into a healthier and fitter version of myself. Just like I did after my week at basketball camp every summer. I would do the same intensive workouts after camp ended, at home. I just wasn’t so good at sticking to them. Hopefully BBG helps me change that. Here’s to you Kayla, and thanks for helping me jumpstart this healthy thing again! #SweatWithKayla

Love ya, sweaty hugs // ❤

P.S. If you were wondering, they didn’t cut me from the team, I made Varsity (but that’s not saying much because we were not epic winners).


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