Love ya, Hugs…

Love ya, Hugs is an homage to my family and part of the uniqueness I grew up with. I still get this as a [text] message from my aunts or my mom to this day, and it’s one of our “family words” like “brekkie” or “Kathryn Day” or “Katie-did.” Words I always thought were normal, until I brought them into the real world.

What is normal? It is our comfort zone, our uniqueness, our being, our version of the truth, our record. And here is mine.

I started this blog as a way to express my creativity at times when I’m not able to do so in other aspects of my life. Part journal and brain-dump, part lifestyle and design blog this is my space to share the thoughts lingering in my brain. The name comes from a quirky idiom by mom coined over the years, sentimental and sweet.

Welcome to my space; a slice of everything that swirls around in my head everyday, waiting to be discovered. I invite you to take a peek and enjoy my musings…

Now a little about me. I’m from the Hudson Valley and moved to NYC for college, it seems like yesterday. I discovered my creative side in high school and have been exploring it ever since though various mediums: art, architecture, design, drawing, writing, etc. I feel that creativity is the spice of life and it makes individuals that much more interesting no matter how you express it.

Being new to this blogging atmosphere, I welcome comments and suggestions, helpful hints and friendly drop-ins. Conversation is key to growth and expansion.

That’s all for now!

Love ya, Hugs // ♥