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Accountability to Myself

Have you ever lost sight of your own goals? Lost your way down the path you’ve set yourself on? Were unsure of your next step?

Well it’s time to reevaluate my choices because I had a mini epiphany this week. I was sitting down to BuJo (more on this in another post) and write out my calendar for August – and was thinking about what’s on my plate right now. How has most of the summer gone by and I feel as though I haven’t accomplished much of anything. All I really have is work, the gym and my personal goals. Work is occupying my brain power during the day since it’s our busy season, and fitness goals could take up a little more of my time, but other than that I’m netflixing and not being so productive for myself.

So I’m changing my perspective. I originally started this blog to share my thoughts with others and write for other people. Now I’m realizing I was wrong or at least doing this for the wrong reasons. I should’ve been writing for myself and about what I love. Yes, I’ve enjoyed branding, design, interior decor and a number of personal hobbies, but now I’m writing from a different perspective. And honestly, it’s always helped me to understand things better by talking (or writing) things out.

I follow a number of fitness bloggers and a few of them have started their own personal blogs lately. It’s inspired me to jumpstart this one again. And use it to hold myself accountable for my own goals through the end of the year. At which point I’ll look at everything again and setup the ever-clichéd new year resolutions. I’m hoping by putting them out here in writing for the time being, it’ll help me be more self-disciplined. So here they are:

  • Take my fitness goals seriously and stick to a schedule. Yes, life happens, and things get thrown out of whack, but that doesn’t mean you need to get thrown out of sorts too. One bad day does not make for a bad week. And this could turn into new opportunities if I put my mind to it. Bottom line, get real with BBG and maybe even start creating your own workouts. Three months of dedication and then reevaluate this one.
  • Decide on my next educational steps. I’ve always struggled through college courses and finding my niche. It’s not that the work is too hard or that I’m not interested in the topics. I just get bored with them too easily and find other things to occupy my time. Am I going to finish and get it over with, taking more time away from work? Slow and steady to finish this degree, or only a class or two at a time? You’ve got less than one month to figure this one out.
  • Stick to this blogging thing and see where it takes me. I dabble in many things because I have many strong suits (humility is apparently not one of them), which leads me struggling to keep doing one thing for too long. I simply get bored and can’t always delegate it to someone else so it falls to the wayside. These are my own thoughts though and I plan on writing for myself, so I need to keep with it even if that means a few posts a week in between (or during) my next Netflix binge.
  • Take control of my savings, spending, and money habits. I need to reign in the reckless impulse buys (i.e. bags and shoes I don’t really need), Starbucks snobbery, school debt, credit card undertaking and take a serious look at my finances. Bottom line is I know what I should be doing, I just haven’t been doing it and get distracted easily by shiny objects!
  • Allocate time for healthier cooking and meal-prepping. I eat fairly healthy a lot of the time, but I could be better. There’s always room for improvement! I was doing much better with this when I had less time with school and work. And I was spending a lot less on excess items then as well. I already knew this, but apparently I need to remind myself that I do better when I’m busier.
  • Focus on what I need, rather than what other people need. This may seem like a kick in the ass, or a little harsh to friends and family, but it’s just what I need. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get you going again – some TLC for yourself. And who else is going to do that other than me.

I think that’s enough goals for now. Time to get to it and update as necessary. If you plan on following along, please leave me your comments and thoughts on the journey ahead!

Love ya, hugs // ❤

Blog Posts, July


It’s summer, again. The sun is beating down, we’ve just had another week of a heat wave and it’s just starting to cool off a bit. Clearly summertime is not my favorite season, but I power through and try to make the most of it. Although I love this warmer (emphasis on warm not steamy and sweltering) weather, I haven’t spent nearly as much time outside as I usually do and am feeling pretty pale and pasty.

I’ve always asserted that there’s two types of ideal jobs to have in the summer. You either spend your days in the wonderfully cool and breezy air conditioning indoors, or outside all day getting your tan on and soaking up the sunshine. For the last four years (wow, has it really been that long) I’ve spent seven weeks as a camp counselor getting paid just above minimum wage and having a love-hate relationship with the job. I’d be outside for eight hours a day, working on a lovely, golden glow, surrounded my munchkins asking many questions. Now I’m in an office where I love my job, but I miss the camp environment every once in awhile.


1.Kids keep you young, you stay updated on all the latest trends and they are never afraid to tell you like it is to your face. It’s refreshing because no one else is ever as real as they are.

2. The sunshine keeps you tan and blonde until the weather turns cool and crisp again when the leaves start to change.

3. You get to spend some unforgettable summers with a crew that has your back and can become some of your closest friends. Especially during those long days on trips to waterparks and on buses where there’s not even a pitstop to pee.


1. For me, too much time with other people gets on my nerves. And kids, at many ages, can be super annoying. It’s even worse when they knowingly aggravate you, but most of the time it’s out of love for their counselor (or at least that’s what I told myself).

2. Sometimes that farmers and sock tan from the constant sneaker wearing needs some tempering with flip-flops and a swimsuit, but I suppose that works out while you’re supervising poolside. However, the shorts tan will always remain.

3. Those same people who have your back tell it like it is with reckless abandon. They don’t owe you anything and can disappear to get a “real-job” from summer to summer. Don’t get attached or have high expectations unless they become your kleek.

Everything has its pros and cons and camp is no exception, but I’ll always be grateful for the experience. It’s something that has taught me a lot and shaped who I am as a person, and for that I can’t thank the kids and co-counselors, parents and mentors enough.

Here’s to the summers filled with memories that last a lifetime. Miss ya Chadwick – I’ll have to come and visit soon!

Love ya, hugs // ❤


Blog Posts

Make lemonade with those lemons.

I ramble. I write. I edit. I wonder. I ponder. I type. I post. I spew words.

It’s not something I was necessarily born with, but rather something that I learned to do. I’ve always been a good, well-practiced writer. Or at least so I’ve been told. It comes fairly easily to me. It’s something that doesn’t take a lot of effort. But I tend to step back from it whenever possible. I see writing, and putting words to paper, as work. It keeps me busy. Occupies my precious time. I’ve always liked being a multitasker and this takes away so much brain power that it needs my undivided attention. Which I don’t like.

It’s always been on my mind though. I’ve considered writing a book. A novel. Trying to get published. Becoming a young author. Maybe even a distinguished one. But that’s a lot of work. And dedication. I’m not sure I have it in me. Hell, I don’t even know if I have it in me to stick with this blogging thing. But I’ve put in the work toward setting up the backend. So I power through. If I don’t like it I can just stop. It can be a piece of me that I can always look back on. The organized chaos of my mind spilled onto the page in the form of ramblings. I’m a legend in my own mind. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. Either way, I’ve started this writing thing and am trying to make something of it. Even if it’s just a look into my younger self when I’m middle-aged and trying to figure out where I went wrong (or right) in life.

Read along with me and stick around to see if I can turn those sour lemons into some sweet, refreshing musings.

Love ya, hugs // ❤